Moringa Chikki

Our Desi Energy Bar is a different variant among all other chikkis. Packed with moringa and peanuts, this superfood snack offers delightful taste and essential nutrition for an every bite you take. Improve your mood, energy and focus with MoMi treats superfood vegan protein bar! Each bar is bursting with flavor – making it a[...]
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Moringa Dip Tea

Village Superfoods moringa leaf tea is 100% pure and made from carefully selected whole leaves of the moringa tree – also known as the “miracle tree” – grown and harvested on organic farms located at foothills of western Ghats and minimally processed to preserve freshness and flavor. Sipping a steamy mug of this earthy brew[...]
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Moringa Adai Dosa Mix

MoMi Treats Moringa Adai recipe without rice is the preferred choice for people looking out for a protein-rich diet with no carbohydrates. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you could simply rely on making Adai dosa. This delicacy has all the flavors that you need for leading a healthy lifestyle. Right from adults to children,[...]
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